Conference Program

The Law and New Technologies International Conference on Big Data and National Security Organising Committee is pleased to announce the release of the preliminary 2019 Conference program featuring an exceptional group of leading national and international keynote speakers.

Expert speakers in this progressive and fast changing sector will present an engaging and thought-provoking program which will facilitate multi-disciplinary discussion between researchers and practitioners alike. Participants will be given the unique opportunity to deepen their insights about the implications of new data technologies for national security and law enforcement objectives globally, and to discuss appropriate policy and legal responses to benefits and risks their application holds in this context.

Program highlights include:

New Data Technologies for National Security and Law Enforcement Agencies Application
Dr Robert Mathews, Distinguished Senior Research Scholar on National Security Affairs and U.S. Industrial Preparedness at the University of Hawaii
Moderator: Dr Sanjay Mazumdar, Chief Executive Officer, Data to Decisions CRC

A Pro-Active Approach to Securing Appropriate Technologies
Professor Tom van Engers, Full Professor University of Amsterdam and Director of Leibniz Center for Law (“Agents, Artificial Intelligence, Sharing Data and the Law”)
Moderator: Professor Louis de Koker, Chair in Law, La Trobe University

New Technologies, Privacy and Data Protection
Professor Giovanni Sartor, Full Professor in Philosophy of Law and Legal Informatics,, University of Bologna, Professor of Legal Informatics and Legal Theory, European University Institute of Florence
Professor David Watts, Professor of Law and Policy, La Trobe Law School, La Trobe University
Moderator: Professor Pompeu Casanovas, La Trobe Law School, La Trobe University

Privacy and Cybersecurity Technologies in the Age of Unbridled Data Collection
Professor Joshua A. T. Fairfield, Professor, Washington and Lee University Law School
Moderator: Professor Jenni Lightowlers, Dean, Deakin Law School, Deakin University

Organised by the Law and Policy Programme of the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC)
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