Committee Members

Professor Danuta Mendelson holds the Chair in Law (Research) at Deakin School of Law, Deakin University. She has authored several books, including The New Law of Torts (Oxford University Press 2014, 3rd edition). Mendelson has also published several book chapters; some 90 of her peer-reviewed articles have appeared in leading Australian and international journals in the field of Torts, medico-legal, electronic health records, and health technology law). She is Key Researcher in the Law and Policy Program of the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre; and member of the Centre for Cyber Security Research and Innovation at Deakin University. Danuta Mendelson serves on the Board of International Academy of Law and Mental Health (Montreal, Canada); and is the Titular Member of the International Academy for Comparative Law/Academie Internationale de Droit Compare; (The Hague, the Netherlands)

Louis de Koker holds a chair in law at the La Trobe Law School (Australia). He is the program leader of the Law and Policy research program of the Australian government-funded Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre. This program considers the legal and policy aspects relating to Big Data analysis and Australian national security objectives. He is also a senior financial crime policy consultant to the World Bank-based Consultative Group to Assist the Poor (CGAP).

Louis, the former director of the Centre for the Study of Economic Crime of the University of Johannesburg, has worked with CGAP, the World Bank, the Alliance for Financial Inclusion and regulators and financial service providers on integrity and inclusion over the past decade. He has advised on a range of laws and regulations and his research on integrity laws and their impact on financial inclusion has been cited in publications of the various international bodies including the World Bank, IMF, the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) and the Basel Committee on Banking Supervision. He was a member of a World Bank team that researched financial crime controls relating to mobile money, a member of the core team that designed the World Bank tool for national money laundering risk assessment and a member of the FATF project group that drafted their guidance papers on aligning financial inclusion and financial integrity.

Lyria Bennett Moses is Director of the Allens Hub for Technology, Law and Innovation and an Associate Professor in the Faculty of Law at UNSW Sydney. Lyria’s research explores issues around the relationship between technology and law, including the types of legal issues that arise as technology changes, how these issues are addressed in Australia and other jurisdictions, the application of standard legal categories such as property in new socio-technical contexts, the use of technologically-specific and sui generis legal rules, and the problems of treating “technology” as an object of regulation. Lyria is currently a Key Researcher and Project Leader on the Data to Decisions CRC, exploring legal and policy issues surrounding the use of data and data analytics for law enforcement and national security. Lyria is also Lead of the UNSW Grand Challenge on “Living with 21st Century Technology” and a PLuS Alliance Fellow.

Pompeu Casanovas is Research Professor at La Trobe University (Melbourne). He is also Director of Advanced Research, Head of the UAB Institute of Law and Technology, and since 2014 onwards, Honorary Professor at Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology. His research interests encompass intellectual history, legal theory, anthropology, ethics, AI, and semantic and data analysis. He has edited, authored or co-authored about twenty books, and more than 200 scientific papers. He is developing regulatory models to implement principles of linked democracy, privacy, and the rule of law (meta-rule of law) on the web of data. At present, he is working on rights, legal compliance and governance in the Australian government-funded Data to Decisions CRC Project, the EU H2020 Projects TakeDown, SPIRIT(cyber-security), and LYNX (the European knowledge graph of legal and regulatory data). He belongs to the scientific board of several associations (e.g. JURIX) and doctorates (e.g. LAST-EU Erasmus Mundus in Law, Science and Technology). He serves as General co-editor of three scientific publications —at Springer, Cornell, and de Gruyter—, and he has been recently apointed General editor of Law in Context.

David Watts is the Professor of Practice (Law), Law School Operations at the La Trobe Law School, La Trobe University and Adjunct Professor of Law at the Deakin University Law School. Professor David Watts is one of Australia’s leading data protection experts. As Victorian Commissioner for Privacy and Data Protection until 2017, Professor Watts led the development of Victoria’s protective data security policy framework and protective data security standards. He is a leader in strategic advice and has developed guidance to support information sharing, implement privacy by design and adopt safeguards for big data and technologies such as cloud computing and biometrics. He has led the task force on Big Data and Open Data for the United Nations Special Rapporteur on the Right to Privacy and is a member of the Privacy Advisory Group for UN Global Pulse, and is a key researcher at the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre.

Organised by the Law and Policy Programme of the Data to Decisions Cooperative Research Centre (D2D CRC)
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